Charter with the Yankee III
One of Captreeā€™s Largest and Most comfortable charter boats!

The Yankee III is the pride and joy of the Captree Fleet. With all the amenities you would expect such as a large heated cabin, full snack bar, accommodations for both men and women and the latest electronics. Contact the Yankee III at:

Special Student Oceanographic Trips

Along with Fishing and Cruising, the Yankee III offers Students and Organizations special educational Oceanographic trips. These trips are conducted by a Marine biologist. We provide your group with all classroom material. Trips run approximately 4 hours.
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Captain Fred Roberts, Owner/Operator

President of Deep Water Fleet, Inc. Coast Guard and FCC Licensed and operating out of Captree for over 30 years. Fred has extensive ocean experience fishing from the Jersey Coast to Eastern Long Island both day and night. Growing up fishing and boating in this area, Fred has the local knowledge necessary to make your day a success.

The Crew

Consisting of a Captain and 2 - 5 Mates depending on size of group, the Yankee III Crew is there for your every need. They will teach the novice how to use their equipment, bait your hook and help land your fish. All are experienced and very serious about making sure you have a good trip .