Oceanographic Trips on the Yankee III

Oceanographic Trips are educational and a lot of fun. We will provide you with classroom material so that the class can make some of the devices they will be using when they are on the boat. While on the boat, they will be split into workable groups and will be shown how to do some simplified oceanographic experiments. There will be tide studies, plankton tows, bottom dredging, and general explanations of the make up of the Great South Bay and Fire Island Inlet. These trips are approximately 4 hours. These trips are conducted by a Marine biologist.

The Crew consisting of 2 Mates and a Captain, the Yankee III Crew is there for your every need. They will take the time to teach the group about the many interesting features of the ocean and why it's important to do everything we can to preserve this natural wonder.

The Combination of a large boat, calm sheltered waters and many years of experience in conducting student trips, plus a true desire to make your day one the kids will talk about all year is a YankeeIII trademark!!!!!!!

For information on rates and available dates contact Fred Roberts of the Yankee III.